Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Two brief years ago today, while staying with my oldest daughter, Amanda, she gently woke me at about the same time I awoke this morning.  Wrapped in a robe,  a towel on her hair, she quietly informed me--with no need to rush--that it was time to embark on a long anticipated journey...the arrival of her second daughter, Emma.

Rising to the occasion in a cloud of excitement and fear, I went through the motions that had been rehearsed in my mind a thousand times.  Washed and dressed, I  grabbed my pre-packed 'Coach's Bag' and tip-toed down the stairs so as not to disturb the 3-year-old cherub, Addy, unaware and dreaming in the next room.  No need to startle her at this early hour to tell her she would be a Big Sister before the day was through. 

A quick phone call to Pappaw Tim alerted him that Operation Baby Drop was underway.  He was assigned to arrive, stay with Addy and act as a surrogate for her normal daily routine so Baby Momma and I could leave for the hospital.
All went according to plan and the arrival of Emma Ann was a blessed event.  I loved her before ever meeting her face to face--but oh, what a face!  A slightly larger version of her older sister, without a doubt, this sweet baby girl would be entangled in my heartstrings always.

In two short years, this bright, ornery, little comedian has given our family such pleasure.  Every day spent with her is better than the one before.  Thank you again, God, for one of the most cherrished gifts to have ever received as we celebrate Emma's big day!


  1. Grands are so....grand...and we have such special memories with them.

  2. 2 years...already? Her little beach pic is so cute. Precious memories.